Encouraging Collective Intelligence for the Common Good:
How Do We Integrate the Disparate Pieces?

Workshop's submissions will be associated to one of these four sessions, and during the workshop participants will have the time to briefly present their work (in form of short presentation or technology demonstration).

  1. Discussion of Common Good

    How we collectively decide which paths to pursue as the future unfolds suggests benefits and risks, some of which are currently unimaginable while some are strong, but implicit and unnoticed. Taking stock of these and cataloging them may ultimately help shape how we focus our future efforts.

  2. Examples of approaches

    This discussion aims at collectively exploring the socio-technical contexts and research fields of CI4CG. Here we will briefly survey the systems currently being explored and developed from the organizers and workshop participants and discuss the different approaches and use cases in which they are or they may be used.

  3. Demos

    This is a hands on session in which participants will be invited to demonstrate their group to the audience. Live demo and tutorial like submission are welcome for this session.

  4. Integration

    This discussion deals with the wider issue of systems integration. Ways in which various systems could be theoretically be integrated. Note that the word integrated must be unpacked - we mean it the sense of how might at least some subset of the totality of systems out there be made to be, (1) more coherent / connected and/or (2) supportive of a wider range of collective intelligence; and/or (3) supportive of a broader influence in terms of the common good. We use the word integration because we don't really a priority how these elements could or should be related to each other.

  5. Final Session

    In the final session we focus on what practical steps that could - or should - be taken This focus will probably include (1) how we can build communities that can use and help co-design these tools and services; (2) how the systems could technically be more aligned and connected perhaps through similar user interfaces, services for sharing data or processes; or (3) How we could see their relationships conceptually through theoretical or process frameworks.

The main output of the workshop will be a short report (white paper) that incorporates the general threads of the workshop into a document. This will be circulated for additional comments within several community and research networks to which the organizers are linked. We also do want to keep the possibility of a special issue or book on the table with a publisher that will be announced at the workshop.

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